The Answer to #MeToo Is Education – Part I

This is the first post in a two-part series about the role schools can play in the #MeToo movement. Read Part 2. Heartbreaking accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault have been flooding social media and news feeds ever since #MeToo erupted in October 2017. Some of these accounts share details, but many more areREAD MORE >>

Meet the Team: Part 3

By now you know that ASHA is working with the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University (IU) to provide support for our programs and services. For the past couple weeks, we’ve been introducing you to the staff at IU that are working to ensure ASHA delivers high quality programs and services that will prepareREAD MORE >>

12 Feb, 2018 0 Ty Oehrtman News

Meet the Team: Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of our multi-part series of blog posts introducing you to the folks at Indiana University who will be supporting ASHA through our new comprehensive agreement. This week, we are pleased to introduce: At our core, ASHA is a membership organization. As such, our top priority is ensuring that ASHA members haveREAD MORE >>

23 Jan, 2018 0 Ty Oehrtman News