Meet the Team: Part 2

Meet the Team: Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of our multi-part series of blog posts introducing you to the folks at Indiana University who will be supporting ASHA through our new comprehensive agreement. This week, we are pleased to introduce:

Kaitlyn Celis Project Support Coordinator

At our core, ASHA is a membership organization. As such, our top priority is ensuring that ASHA members have the services and support they need to help transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives. That’s where Kaitlyn comes in! In her new capacity Kaitlyn will be responsible for delivering all of ASHA’s member services and outreach efforts. This includes things like compiling the Comprehensive Health Education Network (CHEN) email, approving the bi-weekly School Health Action eNewsletter content, and ensuring our membership database is up-to-date and operational at all times. Kaitlyn will also take the lead on updating content on the ASHA website. She’ll support new outreach efforts for our Networking Communities, organizational committees, and membership campaigns. Of course, she’ll do all that when she’s not keeping us current on social media, monitoring the ASHA email inbox, fielding phone calls from members, and being a pretty well-rounded and generally cool person!

Celis is new to working with ASHA, but she’s not so new to the school health scene. Kaitlyn has worked at the Indiana Prevention Resource Center since 2011 providing support for a wide variety of community-based prevention efforts. Kaitlyn graduated from IU with a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs.

In just the first two weeks of her time supporting ASHA, Kaitlyn has already proven herself to be a creative and innovative worker, having brought forward several cost and time saving ideas. When she’s not doing all that, Kaitlyn enjoys cooking, cross-stitching, kayaking, and numerous other hobbies! See, we told you…well-rounded. We’re excited to have Kaitlyn on our team and we know you’ll love working with her too. You can reach Kaitlyn via email ( or by phone (202-854-1721).