Reflections on May

Sharon Miller
ASHA Treasurer

May is one of my favorite months.  May encompasses spring flowers, May Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day.  Growing up my life was enriched by individuals and family members who held those noble professions.  The American School Health Association (ASHA) is just as enriched due to our multi-disciplinary volunteer membership.  School health is more than just teaching a student about the aspects of being healthy.  School health is also multi-layered and requires many to inspire, educate and articulate those whom make up the community of school health for students.

ASHA’s strategic framework utilizes each of the values; inspire, educate and articulate, in forming the foundation of our work.  ASHA’s board officers met in April to discuss the strategic framework to determine if the work we are doing is still relevant, important and meets the needs of our membership. We believe our strategic framework is still essential to the work within school health.

Therefore, I encourage each ASHA member to take inventory of what you do to inspire, educate and articulate matters that are important and provide a sense of passion.  I will admit that every member of ASHA I come into contact with provides me an opportunity to be inspired, educated about their various works and a new way to articulate my commitment to school health.  Finally, to every teacher, nurse, veteran and mother if you haven’t heard it lately, your self-less efforts make a difference each and every day and I thank you.