Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Lessons Learned from Mickey and Friends

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Lessons Learned from Mickey and Friends

Linda Morse, ASHA President

Come on—admit it.  You took one of those online “tests” that tell you which character you are from the Lion King. Maybe you most resemble Rafiki not Simba.  Maybe you really are a Mufasa in disguise. Villain or hero, people post the results of these silly tests on Facebook for all the world to see.  I admit it—I took a few of those tests but I never shared the results—until now.  Perhaps this disclosure will provide some much needed therapy in preparation for my annual trip to visit Mickey and Minnie at their house in Florida.

I first took a Pixar aptitude test designed to tell me what I want to be when I grow up (no short jokes, please).  At my age, the options are limited.  My dream of becoming a Rockette was dashed at my first dance recital.   According to this test, I am destined to become a chef.  Okay, that’s not too much of a stretch especially around the holidays with baking and entertaining.  Next question:  Which one of Mickey’s gang is most like me?  Well, according to this test, I am most like Mickey himself—optimistic and valuing family and friends.  So, I am an optimistic chef.  Hmmmm—at least I’m not Goofy (no comments please).  Then I took another test to determine which Mickey I am most like.  Turns out I am “Pie-Eyed Mickey,” one of the first versions of the Mouse (I hope that has nothing to do with my age).  He is described as animated, wacky, and bubbly.  He takes fun seriously.  Okay, I like fun—not sure about the wacky part.  So, if you believe in this stuff, I am destined to become an optimistic but wacky chef.  Just keep me away from large knives…

As you can see, I have a passion for all things Disney.  I grew up watching the original Mickey Mouse Show, wearing mouse ears and singing every note.  To this day, I look forward to visiting the home of the Mouse and I never miss a Disney/Pixar flick. Those films create lasting memories and guide who I have become as a person, parent, teacher and leader.  Here are the top ten things I’ve learned from Disney movies:

  1. Always tell the truth. (Pinnochio)
  2. Don’t judge a book by its cover. (Beauty and the Beast)
  3. Be brave enough to chase your dreams. (Brave)
  4. You’re never alone. (Frozen)
  5. Friendship is a treasure. (Snow White)
  6. Teamwork makes things possible. (Toy Story)
  7. You’re stronger than you think. (Mulan)
  8. Every dream is possible. (Ratatouille)
  9. Just keep swimming. (Finding Nemo)
  10. Life is an adventure. Love is endless. (UP)

While you may not share my love of all things Disney, it is hard to dispute these important life lessons.  Honesty, courage, persistence, friendship, collaboration, and passion—we strive to ensure that ASHA operates under these principles, true to the spirit of its founder Dr. Howe.

A new year…a new Board of Directors…a new start for ASHA.  We have new by-laws, policies, and committees.  We have created new structures to serve you better.  However, we need your help. Volunteer to serve on a committee.  Submit a workshop proposal for the 2015 conference in Orlando. Participate in a webinar.  Share an article from JOSH with your colleagues or better yet, your principal.  Check out the new ASHA website!  Remember, ASHA is only as strong as its members!

By the way, according to another online survey, my Disney theme song is “Circle of Life.”  It said I was able to rise above trivial issues and see the big picture.  All that from a ten question online survey………amazing!