The American School Health Association (ASHA) seeks candidates to serve on its Board of Directors

Board members are elected for three-year terms. Two individuals will be elected in 2024 to serve from 1/1/2025 through 12/31/2027. ASHA’s Board of Directors is a working board. Every Board member will serve as a board officer or a chairperson of an organizational committee. These roles are decided by the board during their annual orientation meeting.

ASHA believes that having many different perspectives and experiences strengthens us. To that end, we value diversity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, geography (e.g., urban/rural), discipline, skill and experience level as well as roles, responsibilities, and work settings within the field of school health. We invite nominations in the spirit of inclusivity where all forms of diversity are seen as valuable.

ASHA seeks candidates for its Board who can provide leadership and expertise in areas that support and develop our infrastructure helping us reach our mission to transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives. We are especially interested in nominees who represent the diversity of the profession with expertise in and qualifications in areas such as:

  • Connection to K-12 education (e.g., administrators, educators, support staff, central/district office leadership, school board members, superintendents, state-level department of education)
  • Parents and students (K-12 or higher ed)
  • School health professionals representing the WSCC components
  • Fund development and grant writing
  • Marketing and communication
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Nominees will be assessed on their commitment to the organization’s Core Beliefs, demonstrated leadership, skills, professional experiences, availability, capacity to serve, and ability to fulfill the duties of care, loyalty, and obedience. In selecting candidates for the board, the Nominating Committee looks at the composition of the full board to ensure a representative mix of individuals needed to lead the work outlined in our Strategic Framework and Strategic Plan.


Nominees for ASHA’s Board of Directors should have experience or interest in nonprofit governance and strategic planning, strong leadership and communication skills, commitment to inclusivity, and exhibit organizational responsibility and accountability.

ASHA Directors are a fiduciary of the association. As such, Directors are expected to act 1) in good faith; 2) with the care an ordinary prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances; and 3) in a manner the director reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the corporation.

Elected board members must be prepared to make the following commitments of time:

  • Attend annual board orientation conference call and engage in committee planning with former/existing chairs in December in Nov and Dec 2024 (Date TBD) (3-hours)
  • Review materials in preparation for monthly board meetings (~1 hour, monthly)
  • Attend board meetings conducted via conference call (90 minutes, monthly)
  • Attend meetings of one board committee (finance or governance) (1 hour, monthly)
  • Chair one organizational committee or serve as a board officer (~4-7 hours, monthly)
  • Attend the ASHA Annual Conference (ASHA is unable to reimburse for conference-related travel expenses)
  • Most board members will invest approximately six to eight hours each month, with variation throughout the year.
  • Networking with other school health professionals
  • Leadership and skill development
  • Reach and influence
  • Recognition of service at events and through various media channels
  • Satisfaction of providing public service
  • Contribution to national events, coalitions, and initiatives
  • Development of a national school health agenda
  • Build resume, professional profile, and service portfolio
  • Call for nominations opens April 15
  • Deadline to submit nominations June 1
  • Vetting of nominees June 15 - July 25
  • Final approval of slate of nominees July 25
  • Voting on slate by membership opens (open for 30 days) Aug 1
  • Notification of results of election September 1
  • ASHA Virtual Board Meeting Sept 28
  • Board Orientation Meeting On or before December 15
  • Three-year term of office begins January 1, 2024

To be considered for nomination, please send resume/CV (3-page limit) and application form by June 15, 2024 to Self-nomination is encouraged. To be eligible for election, nominees for the board must be members of the American School Health Association in good standing as of the date the slate of nominees is approved (July 25, 2024)