A Note of Thanks

Linda Morse, ASHA President

It’s late November.  Turkey and dressing…raking leaves…stacking firewood.  For some, the snow has fallen and you won’t see the green grass until May.  A few of you are blessed with sunny days and warm breezes.  No matter where you are, no matter the weather, be thankful!

The colors of autumn surround us and remind us to be thankful for our friends and family.  The falling leaves bring back memories of a time when you leapt into a pile of leaves just because you could.  (I might try it today but I’m not sure what my neighbors would think!)  The crisp winds of autumn are a messenger to prepare for the long winter days ahead. Get out your Snuggie, your warm socks, and your favorite scarf!

As we move into the season of fragrant pine, holiday celebrations, and a new year, we honor ASHA’s rich legacy and look forward to a new and invigorated organization that will continue good work. We could not have survived without the support of our members. You truly are unsung heroes, working every day to ensure that all children are healthy and ready to learn.  Thank you for all you do, every day!

As we prepare to face the winter cold, we are so fortunate to have the services of Lee Lowery, our executive director, Abby Brdlik, our member services manager and Ashley Dowling, our continuing education manager.  We are grateful that the Coulter team believes in ASHA and its mission.  Thank you for all you do, every day!

The colorful leaves of autumn may fall but they will be replaced with new life come spring.  We are thankful to the many ASHA members who chaired or served on committees, presented at the annual conference, provided a webinar, reviewed or authored an article for JOSH, or  served ASHA as a volunteer.  Your energy will help support new growth in 2015. Many thanks to Robert McDermott for his service as the JOSH editor.  His hard work and dedication continues to enhance the quality and status of the JOSH.  Thank you for all you do, every day!

As seasons change, so too does the ASHA Board of Directors.  The 2014 ASHA Board raked the leaves and shoveled the snow, preparing the planting beds for the blooms of spring.  We are thankful for their time, dedication, wisdom and service. Those who are leaving the ASHA Board include:

  • Past President Jeff Clark: Jeff’s term as president was particularly challenging due to the move to the DC area.  He is extremely patient, thoughtful, and caring.  We are thankful that he chose to share his leadership and wisdom with us.  We appreciate his long-term dedication and service to ASHA.
  • President Elect Holly Hunt: Holly chaired the conference planning committee for the last two years and has been a critical part of the ASHA reorganization and transition team. Due to the demands of her position at CDC, Holly chose not to run for another term on the Board of Directors but she will continue to serve ASHA as a committee member.  Holly’s experience and perspective are critical to the success of the new ASHA and we look forward to her continuing involvement.
  • Chair of Research Denise Seabert: Denise brought great insight and information to the Board of Directors. Denise has taken on increased responsibility at Ball State University where she serves as professor and chairperson.  She has an active family and is very involved with numerous professional organizations.  Knowing Denise’s energy and level of commitment, we know we can count on Denise’s support moving forward.
  • Chair of the Editorial Board: David Birch: David has been a prolific contributor to the field of health education for many years. We were fortunate to benefit from his knowledge of the field as well as his years of leadership in ASHA and other health education organizations.
  • We also want to thank Linda Caldart-Olson, Chair of Councils and Bridget Clementi, Chair of Organizational Members, for their many contributions to ASHA. Due to personal commitments, Linda and Bridget resigned from the Board earlier this year.  Both pledged their commitment to ASHA’s mission moving forward.

The snowy days of winter are still ahead but ASHA is better prepared to weather the storm.  We have planted the seeds of growth, cultivated a new culture, and will work hard to reap the spring flowers and the summer harvest.  Winter is not a time to become dormant—although time by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa is a nice way to spend a winter evening!  Rather, winter is a time for reflection, planning, and preparing for the work ahead.  We have much to do and we need your help. Please consider volunteering to serve on an ASHA committee.

I am thankful that the 2015 ASHA Board of Directors will take their seats January 1.  On behalf of the Board, we are grateful for your support.  At this solemn and joyous time of the year, let us give thanks for ASHA and for the work we do on behalf of children and youth.

Thank you for what you do, every day!  Now, go rake those leaves or shovel that snow!  We have lots of work to do…