Future Leaders Academy

Future Leaders Academy: We Want You!

In 2006, the Future Leaders Academy (FLA) was developed to identify and train individuals for future leadership roles in the organization. The FLA builds skills and familiarizes emerging professionals with the programs and activities of the Association. Since its inception, more than 25 ASHA members representing various school health professions have participated in the program and many of them have gone on to serve as committee chairs or board members.

Chris Paske and Sarah Blanton are facilitating the group in 2022. Becoming part of the FLA requires a two-year commitment. Conference calls are held monthly and include lively discussions about leadership on the job and within ASHA. FLA members are invited to “sit-in” on monthly ASHA Board conference calls to learn more about the inner workings of the organization and are invited to attend the face-to-face Board meeting at the annual conference.

Deadline to submit applications is January 10, 2022.

Here’s what ASHA members have to say about FLA:

“In the short time I have been part of FLA I have felt more connected to ASHA than I had as my previous years as a member. FLA has afforded me the ability to network at a different level, develop strong leadership skills, and advocate for school health issues. I have been able to apply these skills with my students to prepare future school health educators to advocate and lead the profession. Overall, it has been an enlightening experience!”– Monica Webb, Assistant Professor at East Carolina University Monica is a former FLA member

“The FLA connects prospective leaders to the inner workings of the Association in a safe, friendly, and convenient way, all while helping develop leadership skills that benefit the Association and the individual.” ~Ty Oehrtman, FLA 2006: ASHA President 2018 & 2019, Former: ASHA Vice President 2015-2017, ASHA Board of Director Member, Chair of ASHA Governance Committee, and Chair of ASHA Bylaws and Articles Committee

“FLA is a wonderful opportunity for ASHA members to learn more about the governance and operations of the organization. I’ve enjoyed meeting the executive board and getting to know fellow FLA members. FLA has enhanced my leadership skills, and I plan to use my experiences to become more involved with ASHA.”~ Holly T. Moses, MSHE, CHES, FLA 2011: ASHA Conference Planning Committee Member

“FLA was a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain insight into the association, and become more invested in the mission we all share.” ~Jeanie Alter, FLA 2008: ASHA Executive Director, Former: Chair of ASHA Professional Development Committee and Chair of ASHA Conference Planning Committee

“I have had fabulous opportunities to better understand and really be a part of the “inner work” of ASHA. It has been a learning experience I won’t forget!”~Desiree Voorhies, FLA 2013: ASHA Member

“FLA was a great opportunity to be become part of a School Health Professional Learning and Leading Community. We studied and applied leadership best practices, were mentored by quality health professionals, became familiar with the inner and outer workings of ASHA, and learned and applied important advocacy skills for promoting school health now and in the future. I now feel better prepared to take on an active ASHA leadership position.” ~Kim McLaughlin, FLA 2012: Leadership and Recognition Committee Member