Call for Abstracts Extended to April 10th!

April 10

The new deadline for submitting your abstract for the 2017 Annual School Health Conference: Connecting Health and Learning which will take place October 11-13, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri is now April 10th! More information on the deadline change for submitters can be found on our abstract submission portal.

Don't miss your chance to inspire your colleagues in the school health industry. Abstracts can be submitted under one of the following tracks: Administration, Coordination & Leadership; Programs & Services; Research & Emerging Issues; and Teaching & Learning. Visit our conference page to learn more about each track and formats.

  • ASHA 2017 Conference

    ASHA 2017 Conference will take in St. Louis Missouri from October 11-13 and will feature presenters over four tracks, 1) Administration, Coordination, and Leadership, 2) Programs and Services 3) Research and Emerging Issues and 4) Teaching and Learning. Presenters and attendees will network throughout this 2 and half day event and take back home resources, tools, and information to connect health and learning for preK-12 students and to support new and existing school health efforts.

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  • Advocacy and Core Beliefs

    ASHA supports school health issues that tie to our mission statement, to transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives, and our Core Beliefs. Read more to learn about our Core Beliefs and what ASHA has committed to.

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