ASHA School Violence Taskforce

ASHA’s School Violence Taskforce

On March 15, 2018 ASHA announced the formation of a special taskforce to address school violence and bring forward meaningful solutions to this ongoing epidemic. Watch this space for additional information about the work of the ASHA School Violence Taskforce.

Current Taskforce Members:

  • Mrs. Sharon Murray (Chair)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Clark
  • Dr. Lloyd Kolbe
  • Dr. David Lohrmann
  • Mrs. Linda Morse
  • Mr. Ty Oehrtman (Current President)
  • Dr. Larry Olsen
  • Dr. Cynthia Symons
  • Dr. David Wiley
  • Dr. Jeanie Alter (Executive Director)

Sandy Hook Promise

  1. Gun Violence in America Fact Sheet
  2. Know the Signs Programs:
    • SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program
    • Say Something
    • Safety Assessment and Intervention
    • Start with Hello


  1. School Climate and Culture Resources
  2. Social and Emotional Learning for Schools:
  3. Social and Emotional Learning for School Districts
  4. Social and Emotional Learning for Families

National Association of School Nurses

  1. Violence in Schools

This site contains many resources on broader school violence, including gun violence resources. It is organized into NASN specific resources and “Other Resources” from other national organizations categorized under these headings:

  • Resources for Dealing with Traumatic Events in Schools
  • Violence Prevention at Schools
  • Respond to an Active Shooter

American Public Health Association

  1. Gun Violence

Valuable resources on the general issue of gun violence prevention from public health standpoint. Schools are included but no school-specific resources

National Association of School Psychologists

  1. School Climate, Safety, and Crisis

National Association of School Resource Officers

  1. To Protect and Educate: The School Resource Officer and the Prevention of Violence in Schools