Call for Proposals for Special Issue on Immigrant Health

The literature on international migration highlights the important role that schools play in immigrant integration, decisions to migrate, transnational hometown association maintenance, social service access, and language acquisition, among other topics. This special issue of Journal of School Health (JOSH) explores the role of schools, school personnel, and the school environment in facilitating immigrant and refugee wellbeing throughout the migration course, including in decisions to migrate, through stepwise migration, in refugee camps or exile, in the receiving community or resettlement/ asylum. We seek articles that consider a diverse array of migrations, geographic locations, perspectives, populations, methodologies, and time periods in order to understand the diverse ways that schools have contributed to immigrant and refugee wellbeing and health, broadly defined. We encourage empirical, theoretical, developmental, and philosophical articles.

Papers should have a clearly delineated section entitled IMPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOL HEALTH and this section should be both INTERPRETATIVE and DIRECTIVE and not merely a gratuitous inclusion. It should NOT simply be an extension of the DISCUSSION or a summary of findings. WHAT ACTIONS SHOULD SCHOOLS TAKE AS A RESULT OF THIS RESEARCH? This section should include as much specificity as possible about actions that should be taken; however, the realities of schools’ social, political, and economic climates etc. should be taken into account and examined. A section that merely says that “School need to do ‘x'” is UNACCEPTABLE in meeting the requirements and expectations of this section. Vague speculation about findings and their potential relevance to schools does not meet the expectation of this section either. Authors should consider using an opening statement or paragraph followed by a series of bulleted points that provide direction. The section should include some “how to” examples.

Please submit abstracts for consideration by 5pm, September 18, 2017. All submissions must be submitted electronically to

Authors will be notified of the editorial decision by October 18, 2017. For authors invited to submit a complete manuscript, papers will be due March 15, 2018. The special issue is tentatively planned to be in print in late 2018/ early 2019.

Please send any questions to the special issue guest editors, Breanne Grace or Bethany Bell at


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