ASHA recognizes the importance of coordination to ensure the health of our students. As such, ASHA is engaged with the following partners and national coalitions on efforts supporting student health.

Shine Light on Depression

Shine Light on Depression brings together diverse organizations to amplify the conversation around teen depression and suicide. Collaborating organizations: American School Health Association, Anthem, Inc., Erika’s Lighthouse, JetBlue Airways Corporation, and the National PTA. Visit the Shine Light on Depression website.

Special Issue of the Journal of School Health

Every School Healthy is a special open access issue of the Journal of School Health, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). With fourteen invited articles and two commentaries, the issue offers a comprehensive picture of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) framework in action as a tool for equity in promoting healthy school environments for students. Read more about the Special Issue here.

Coalition Involvement

ASHA actively participates as a steering committee member of the Student Health Advocacy Coalition (SHAC). SHAC is a coalition of over 35 national organizations that are focused on health and/or education, and improving the health and well-being of all PreK-12 students. Members of SHAC meet frequently in Washington, DC for coalition meetings, Congressional member and staff meetings, and occasionally host Congressional briefings on Capitol Hill.

ASHA has joined the National Coordinating Committee on School Health and Safety (NCCSHS) to collaborate with other organizations in order to better improve the health and safety of all students. NCCSHS brings together federal agencies and national organizations to support programs in our nation’s schools that promote health, safety and academically successful students. Since its formation in 1994, NCCSHS has grown to include five federal agencies, the Environmental protection Agency, and roughly 63 national organizations working to improve students ability to achieve in school.

The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO) is a federation of national organizations, each of which is a professional organization or has an organizationally distinct health education unit having principal membership and/or constitutents who are professional health education specalists, and has health promotion/health education as a key element of its mission statement.

The Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information( CoEPHI) develops and increasses access to simple, clear, and actionable educational resources, trainings, and technical assistance for consumers and their families, as well as individuals at the front lines of care. In addition, CoEPHI develops resources for state agencies and communities who need to know how to promote patient care while protecting confidentiality. CoEPHI is driven by four main aims including: increasing access to expert training, increasing access to individualized technical assistance, increasing access to high-quality resources, and strengthening healthcare provider systems.