Gender Identity Issues Impact Us All

Wednesday, January 13, 3:00-4:00PM

ASHA Webinar: Gender Identity Issues Impact Us All

Presented by Nora Gelperin, MEd, Director of Sexuality Education and Training, Advocates for Youth and Dan Rice, MEd, Director of Training, Answer

By popular demand, this pre-conference workshop offered during ASHA 2015 School Health Conference is now offered as a webinar! School health professionals, regardless of grade levels, must be educated about and pro-active when addressing issues related to gender identity including transgender students, staff and their families. Given the culture’s shifting awareness of transgender individuals, this issue has evolved quickly. A whole child approach challenges educators and school health professionals to keep abreast of these changes in order to best meet the needs of their school communities. Gender identity, often confused with sexual orientation, impacts instructional programs, athletics, residential college housing, access to facilities and even comfort among professionals as they struggle to ensure their schools and universities reflect the latest recommendations around inclusion. This interactive workshop will engage participants in the latest information about gender identity, share examples of its impact on school health education, and feature best practices and resources for school health professionals and educators at every grade level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Accurately identify gender identity and articulate how it is different from sexual orientation.
  • Describe at least two ways gender identity impacts schools and school health education.
  • List at least two resources for school health professionals to learn more about gender identity.