ASHA Webinar: State Laws Concerning Lead Testing in School Drinking Water

Join Anisa Heming from the Center for Green Schools as she discusses the findings from a recently-released analysis of state laws related to lead in school drinking water. A 2018 survey by the Government Accountability Office found that 43% of school districts had tested water outlets for lead, while 41% of districts had not tested, with the remaining 16% not knowing whether or not they had tested. After the water crisis in Flint, MI in 2014, state lawmakers in 15 states around the country wrote laws to attempt to close a regulatory gap that left many school drinking water unmonitored and untested. Now that many of these laws have been in effect for a couple of years, the Center has taken a look at which approaches were most effective and the lessons that additional states can take from these early laws.

26 Nov, 2018 0 Kaitlyn Celis