ASHA Webinar: Head Lice Treatment – Heading Off an Ancient Adversary


In order for all children to learn and thrive, they must regularly attend school. Historically, head lice infestation has contributed to absenteeism, stigma, and social and emotional issues. Schools need to take a whole child approach to this problem, focused on education and prevention as well as treatment. This presentation describes the clinical challenges posed by the ever-present problem of head lice infestation, which occurs mainly in young children. We will review the epidemiology and summarize the latest clinical guidelines and policies issued by professional associations and public health agencies. Against this backdrop, we will discuss the broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches that have been developed over the years for the treatment of head lice. REGISTER TODAY.

Arbor Pharmaceuticals, LLC is supporting ASHA and its educational initiatives for Head Lice Treatment.

26 Jul, 2016 0 admin