ASHA Vice President Profile

Cathy Ramstetter

School Health Consultant, Successful Healthy Children

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Area of Expertise/WSCC Component: student voice/engagement, family/community connection, social-emotional learning, recess & play

A Health Educator with an interest child and school health, Dr. Cathy Ramstetter is a School Health Consultant with Successful Healthy Children, the non-profit she founded in 2015. She assists schools with wellness initiatives and is a recess researcher and advocate. Her aim is to protect recess for every child everyday and to foster children’s holistic healthy growth and development. Cathy is the co-author of AAP’s Policy on Recess with Dr. Bob Murray. Cathy was a contributor to Ohio’s Health Education Model Curriculum in 2019. She is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the American School Health Association and also serves on the Board of DePaul Cristo Rey High School in Cincinnati. Dr. Ramstetter is also an adjunct professor with The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences. In April, 2020, Cathy was a founding member of the Global Recess Alliance, with education leaders from the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, which provides policies and practices for recess time.