Advocacy Priority Areas and Core Beliefs in Action

Priority Areas and Core Beliefs in Action

ASHA supports school health issues that tie to our mission statement, to transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives, and our Core Beliefs (see below). For 2015-2016, ASHA has committed to:

  1. Support federal legislation that includes health education and physical education as core academic subjects in the ESEA reauthorization;
  2. Maintain and/or improve school health services;
  3. Support legislation and/or funding for coordinated school health approaches such as the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model;
  4. Support legislation that funds a state-level position/coordinator with dedicated time and authority to oversee and manage a coordinated and multi-disciplinary approach to school health

ASHA’s Core Beliefs in Action focus on PreK-12 students and address five critical components of school health. The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model serves as a unified and collaborative approach to health and learning. ASHA’s Core Beliefs support this student-centered, integrated and collaborative approach that addresses the needs of the whole child:

  • Core Belief 1: Health and learning are directly linked and essential to the development of healthy, resilient citizens.
  • Core Belief 2: Schools are uniquely positioned to help students acquire healthy habits for a lifetime.
  • Core Belief 3: A coordinated school health (CSH) approach is the most effective and efficient means of promoting healthy citizens.
  • Core Belief 4: School health professionals should be highly-qualified and practice evidence-based health and education strategies.
  • Core Belief 5: Schools should be safe, nurturing environments that facilitate learning for all.

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