92nd Annual School Health Conference Abstracts

ASHA officially opened the Call for Abstracts process on Monday, February 19th. Please be sure to read the Guidelines and FAQ before you get started. Abstracts may be submitted for 60-minute sessions, 30-minute sessions, poster presentations, and roundtables. No other format is available.

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Sessions will relate to one of the following themes:

School Health:  Administration, Coordination and Leadership (AC&L):  Session proposals should focus on successful and innovative strategies that support healthy schools. Proposals may address innovative strategies or resources to support healthy schools; health and academic achievement; program management; advocacy; fiscal management and funding; policy development and implementation; program evaluation; community collaboration; family engagement; model programs and best practices; addressing culture and diversity; working with school boards and policy makers; and sustainability. Proposals may address these issues at the local, state, national, or international levels.

School Health: Programs and Services (P&S): Session proposals should focus on the innovative delivery of programs and services that support a whole child approach to health and learning in PreK-12 settings. Suggested areas of interest include school nursing services; medical services/school physicians; school-based and linked health centers; school counseling and mental health services; school and community social services; school food services and nutrition services; community-based partnerships for healthcare; Medicaid reimbursement; 504 plans; services to students with disabilities and IDEA; after school programs; managing chronic health conditions in the school setting; employee wellness; mental health promotion and legal issues related to the implementation of school-based care systems.

School Health: Research and Emerging Issues (R&EI): Session proposals should focus on research studies that impact and inform members of the school health team and the delivery of programs, services, and instruction in PreK-12 settings. Proposals may address research findings of local, state, national, or international significance. Emerging issues proposals should focus on research that requires further study or topics that warrant more in depth research. All research presentations must be delivered by an investigator integral to the research.

School Health: Teaching and Learning (T&L): Teaching and Learning sessions should focus on best practices in health education and physical education instruction in PreK-12 settings. Suggested topics include standards based instruction; lesson, unit, and curriculum development; assessment strategies; skill based instruction; technology applications; culturally sensitive practices; differentiated and adaptive instruction; classroom management strategies; the Common Core and National Standards; integrating health concepts into the Common Core; and interdisciplinary instruction. Abstracts should describe practical applications of teaching and learning principles that can be used in PreK-12 schools and classrooms. Teaching and Learning Sessions may also focus on the university-based preparation of health education and physical education teachers. Suggested topics include professional standards, effective field experiences, licensure and certification, and other issues related to preparing effective teachers.

Before You Submit
Please thoroughly read the following documents before submitting your abstract:

Important Dates: 

Call for Abstracts Opens:   2/19/18
Call for Abstracts Closes:  4/23/18
Abstract Review Process ends:  5/21/18
Registration Opens:  5/1/18
Presenters Notified:  6/8/18
Presenters Must Confirm their Attendance:  6/22/18
Conference Schedule Finalized:  6/29/18