2017 Conference Powerpoints & Handouts

Thank you for attending ASHA’s 2017 Annual School Health Conference, we hope you enjoyed it and were able to take away a few resources for your work! If you missed a workshop or want digital copies of the handouts of the sessions you attended, look below. All handouts are organized by day, then time, then track, or if in a hurry, hit CTRL + F to type in the ID or part of the title of the session. If no link appears below the title of the presentation, handouts were not received for that session.

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Many thanks to the presenters who were able to share their presentations and handouts with attendees.

Wednesday, October 11th

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

ACL187: Advocacy 101: Make the Connection and Take Action!  

Research and Emerging Issues Forum

REI153: Achieving Social Justice Through School Health: Understanding and Supporting the Adolescent Healthcare Broker

REI176: Education and Health in Cuba: Connecting Health, Learning, and Citizenship

REI172: Navigating the Politics of Sex in the South: Lessons Learned from Trying to Provide Adolescents with Access to Free Sex Education Programming

REI208: School Health Research: 2017 Updates from CDC

Teaching and Learning Forum

TL210: Developing Healthy Habits and Skills through Health Literacy eBooks

TL171: Increasing Student Engagement among Middle School Students with Sexuality-Education-through-Storytelling App

TL161: Infusing Multiculturalism into Health Lessons Through Readers’ Theater

TL169: Beyond Health Education? A School-wide Approach to Reinforcing Health Skills

Thursday, October 12th

9:35 AM – 10:35 AM

Poster Flight A

REI207:  Asthma in a Minute: Student Education for Self-Management of Asthma

REI195: State-wide Legislation Positively Impacts Attendance for Students with Asthma

ACL174: Practical Strategies for Implementing Evidence-based Practice into School Nursing Practice

ACL181: Missouri KIDS COUNT: Partnering with School Nurses through Data and Stories

PS170: Adding Relationship Development Skills to Sexuality Education Programs

TL152: Using Skill Based Learning to Improve Student Performance

10:40-11:40 AM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

PS193: A Collaborative Approach to Review School Health Services Policies and Procedures

Programs and Services Track

ACL189: Improving the Future of Health Education Through a Profession-wide Strategic Vision for 2025 

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI187: Advocating for the Educational and Health Needs of Court-Involved Youth

REI170: Factors Associated with School Nurses Encouraging HPV Vaccination

Teaching and Learning Track

TL182: Elementary Health: Integration is the Key

TL157: The Integration of Health Education into Elementary Schools and Classrooms

Bonus Track 

ACL190: Advocacy and ESSA: Why Every Voice Matters 

1:55-2:55 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL159: Acronym Soup: Translating ESSA, SIP, Etc. for Health Champions

Programs and Services Track

PS182: Suicide Prevention in Schools: Strengthening Systems to Support Students

PS151: Changing the Course for Students with Mental Health Disorders: How Early Intervention Can Improve Attendance, Reduce Suspensions and Promote Academic Success

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI179: Children’s Voices about Recess—and Having It Taken Away

REI206: The LiiNK Project: Improving the Whole Child Through Unstructured Play and Character

Teaching and Learning Track

TL160: A Cornucopia of Creative Classroom Activities 

Bonus Track 

TL188: CATCH My Breath: An E-Cigarette Prevention Program For Youth

TL180: Left Behind: At-Risk Students Often Overlooked in Mandatory Sex Education

3:00-4:00 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL162: Multiply Your Reach Using Cadres: A Framework for Success

Programs and Services Track

ACL153: Whole Child NC: From Resolution to Application 

  • PowerPoint

PS172: Schools as Healthy Worksites: Strategies to Improve Staff Wellness 

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI150: Florida High School Asthmatics and ENDS and Hookah Use

REI180: Effective Self-management Asthma Education

Teaching and Learning Track

TL199: Using Technology to Engage Parents in Sex Education

TL175: AMAZE: Sex Ed for the YouTube Generation 

Bonus Track 

REI165: School Climate: A Whole Child Intervention That Reduces Academic Risk

REI167: School Climate and Indicators of Emotional Distress

4:05-5:05 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL166: When the Door is Closed Find a Window: Advancing LGBTQ Policy in Michigan Schools 

Programs and Services Track

PS195: Building Purposeful Collaborations between Schools and State Public Health Agencies 

PS192: Partnering with Public Health and Medical Community to Improve School Health Service 

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI209: Results from the School Health Policies and Practices Study (SHPPS) 2016 

Teaching and Learning Track

TL156: Using Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) as a Tool for Building Healthier Communities

TL186: 5 Best Practices for Creating Engaging and Effective Health Lessons 

Bonus Track (ESG Session)

REI166: School Climate: Promoting the Positive Dimensions of Students’ Emotional Well-Being

REI202: Program Implementation Practices among the 2010-2014 OAH Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Cohort: Case Study Findings

5:10 – 6:10 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL175: Integrating School Health with Culture and Climate: The Framework for Sustainable, Lasting Improvement

Programs and Services Track

PS178: An Integrated Approach to Community School Partnerships to Enroll Families in Healthcare Coverage

PS194: Optimizing Health Care in Schools by Accessing Medicaid Funding 

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI196: Effect of a Life Skills-based Tobacco and Alcohol Prevention Curriculum on Social Competence of Elementary School Students

REI161: The Supervision of New Jersey School Nurses: Parallel Needs, Actions, and Impacts on Student Care

Teaching and Learning Track

TL198: Increasing LGBTQ Inclusivity: A Lesson for Pre-Service Educators 

TL211: Hello, My Name is: STI’s at the Party

Friday, October 13th

8:05 AM – 9:05 AM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL161: Boosting Academic Success through a District Health Advisory Council

Programs and Services Track

PS180: Building a Trauma-Informed School: Guidelines, Practices, and Findings

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI162: Nonconforming Gender Expression and Associated Mental Distress and Substance Use among High School Students in Three U.S. School Districts

REI160: Professional Development’s Impact on Teachers’ Confidence to Teach Sexual Health

Teaching and Learning Track

TL190: Game On: Can Gamification Help Shift Healthy Behaviors and Habits?

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Commericial Sessions)

A Guide to Helping Transgender Students

Celebrate Safely! An Education Curriculum for the Safe Use of Consumer Fireworks

Elementary Schools as “Hubs” of Community-wide Obesity Prevention Activities in Six States

12:05 PM – 1:25 PM

Roundtable Sessions

ACL151: Assessment of a District Wellness Policy: A Coordinated School Health Approach

PS152: Using Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) as a Tool for Building Healthier Communities

TL165: Digital Education Tools to Support Sexual and Reproductive Health

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Poster Flight B 

ACL156: Look for the Iceberg to Enhance Student Success

PS161: Concussion Management in Community Based Youth Tackle Football

PS199:  Increasing Health Education and Instruction through After-School Programs

TL213: Real Health: Using the 4 R’s for Environmental Health

1:30 PM – 4:40 PM

ACL157: Building Blocks to Becoming an Effective Leader through Mentorship: A 2017 Future Leadership Academy Project

2:35 PM – 3:35 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL176: Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: From Model to Practice

Programs and Services Track

PS159: Game On: Chicago. A Case Study of Local School Wellness Policy Implementation Using the Game On Program &  PS158: Getting Their Game On: How Schools Are Creating Impactful School Wellness Programs

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI193: Expanding the Notion of What Makes a Lifelong Learner

REI164: Monitoring Absenteeism for Early Detection of Influenza Outbreaks

Teaching and Learning Track

TL218: Advancing School Sexual Health Education by Improving Policies, Programs, and Instructional Practice

3:40 PM – 4:40 PM

Administration, Coordination, and Leadership Track

ACL193: Leaning into Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice: A Dialogue for Schools

Programs and Services Track

PS205: CDC School Health Program Update and Opportunities to Utilize the WSCC Framework to Support the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Research and Emerging Issue Track

REI169: The Quality of Foods and Beverages Sold and Served to Children Participating in Community Sports: A Review of the Literature

REI192: Obesogenic Environment as Predisposing Factor to Obesity among School-age Children from High Socio-economic Families in a Nigerian City

Teaching and Learning Track

TL214: Updating School Health Education Teacher Preparation Standards

TL197: Redefining Health