2016 Conference Chair

Position Announcement: ASHA Conference Chair


The American School Health Association (ASHA) is seeking a dedicated conference chair to serve as the liaison between staff and the Professional Development Committee (PDC). While many of the responsibilities for the annual conference fall to the association’s event planning team, the conference chair is critical to this process. The PDC, led by a member of the board of directors, has responsibility for all professional learning opportunities offered by the organization. In order to run efficiently, the PDC operates as subcommittees with distinct responsibilities. The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is one of those subcommittees and the conference chair coordinates the work of that committee. The CPC consists of the chair, the four track leads, one representative from the city or state of the conference (local representative), the ASHA president, and appropriate staff.

The ASHA conference chair serves as the link between the staff and the PDC and works with the president of the ASHA Board and the chair of the PDC. The conference chair also works with the four track leads to ensure quality workshops and sessions for the annual conference. The conference chair has specific duties as described in more detail in the ASHA Conference Planning Guide.

The conference chair is not a staff or salaried position.

General Duties (more detail in the Planning Guide)

  1. Ensure a fair abstract review and selection process, work with the track leads to secure appropriate reviewers and coordinate the selection process
  2. Work with the staff and the president to develop an appropriate program schedule including plenary sessions, workshops and social functions
  3. Develop and review the overall conference and session-specific evaluations
  4. Work with the staff and the CEU subcommittee to ensure approvals for sessions
  5. Work with staff to identify possible exhibitors and sponsors
  6. Work with staff to create networking, fundraising and social events

Additional Roles of the Conference Chair

  • The president, in consultation with staff and the conference chair, invites keynote speaker(s) based on the conference theme, location, schedule and hot topics.​
  • The president, in consultation with staff, the conference chair and the track leads, may invite individuals or organizations to speak on topics aligned with ASHA’s mission, the conference theme, or of interest to ASHA members.
  • The conference chair recruits track leads and, along with staff, orients them to the conference planning process.


Individuals interested in serving as conference chair must submit an application which is reviewed by ASHA staff, the board president and the chair of the PDC. The ASHA president officially appoints the conference chair. There is no term limit for the conference chair should his/her performance be found satisfactory. It is beneficial both for the chair and the organization that the chair remain in place for consecutive years. The appointment year officially begins on January 1.


  1. ASHA membership in good standing (may be professional or retired status);
  2. Experience planning and managing large-scale professional education programs for varying audiences at the local, state, and/or national levels;
  3. Experience as a presenter at one or more of ASHA’s conferences, a plus;
  4. Experience as an ASHA conference workshop reviewer, a plus;
  5. Ability/availability to participate in or lead planning/conference calls several times per month (January to June) and weekly or more often (July to November);
  6. Competency with Microsoft Word, email, and planning tools such as Excel, Dropbox and Google Docs;
  7. Excellent organizational skills including the ability to track task completion and work with both staff and volunteers to get things done on time;
  8. Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  9. Knowledge of current trends and issues in school health;
  10. Knowledge of the culture of ASHA and the expectations of conference attendees;
  11. Willingness to serve at least three consecutive years in the position.


The conference chair will receive a free conference registration and standard hotel room at the conference hotel for each year of successful service. The registration and hotel room must be used during the current year—this benefit cannot be deferred. The chair does not receive reimbursement for the cost of phone, cell phone or internet service used in the performance of this position or for any travel expenses incurred prior to, during, and after the conference.

To apply for this position, please complete and submit an application. Deadline is December 31, 2015.