Only current ASHA members may apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships in the amount of approximately $250 will be provided to one undergraduate and one graduate student specializing in any school health profession for use towards conference registration.

School health professionals employed in a PreK-12 setting and enrolled part-time in a university program leading to PreK-12 education licensure/certification as a health teacher, school nurse, school counselor or school social worker are also eligible to apply.

The application period has ended.


To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must:

  • Be a current ASHA member; if you are a student not yet a member, please download  and fill out this form to join ASHA.
  • Be a graduate student enrolled full-time at an accredited institution of higher education; OR a full-time undergraduate student with junior or senior status; OR a school health professional currently employed in a PreK-12 setting who is seeking educational certification/licensure in health education, school nursing, school counseling or school social work;
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  • Have a declared major related to one of the following areas of specialization:
    • PreK-12 Health Education
    • PreK-12 Physical Education
    • School Nursing
    • School Counseling
    • School Social Work
    • PreK-12 Student Support/Substance Abuse Counselor
    • Pediatric or Adolescent Medicine or Dentistry
    • Other school health professions may be considered if the applications is accompanied by a letter from the student’s academic advisor written on official letterhead stating the academic program’s relationship to school health
  • Have an established record of involvement in school health as evidenced by activities such as clubs, volunteer service, and/or leadership;
  • Past ASHA scholarship recipients are not eligible.
Application Requirements

Please submit all documents as one scanned electronic file to

  1. Ensure that your ASHA Membership is current at time of application.
  2. Complete the Application Form
  3. Current transcript (does not need to be official transcript)
  4. A letter from your employer indicating your current position and your responsibilities related to school health; OR a letter from an advisor or faculty member indicating your current activities and responsibilities related to school health;
  5. A 2-3 page double spaced personal statement responding to the following prompts:
    • Describe how your academic coursework and professional and personal goals relate to ASHA’s mission; and
    • Discuss how the scholarship will enable you to contribute to transforming the school(s) you work with into a place where every student learns and thrives.
  6. Two (2) letters of recommendation outlining academic status, achievements, leadership skills, experience, and career commitment as it relates to ASHA’s mission. Applicants are encouraged to submit one letter of recommendation from a current ASHA member.