CHEN Listserv

Since 2006, ASHA has hosted the Comprehensive Health Education Network (CHEN) listserv, a free service that allows subscribers to receive information relevant to their work in various health fields.

In 2016, ASHA moved over to a digest only format via new mailing service sent out every Friday. If you have content that you’d like to share, please send an email to with “CHEN Content to Share” in the subject line.


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Some the topics CHEN subscribers most appreciate sharing with ASHA or receiving are:

  • Research Findings and News
  • Webinar and Teleconference Invitations
  • Advocacy Alerts and Updates
  • News from the CDC and Other Federal Programs
  • News About School Health Initiatives from National Organizations, States and Territories
  • New Publications, Resources and Tools
  • School Health Meetings and Conferences
  • Funding Announcements
  • New or Updated Federal Policies
  • Child and Adolescent Health Demographics

Subscribers to the CHEN typically use the information they receive to:

  • Inform colleagues, work teams, advisory groups or committees
  • Request and find technical assistance for their job or organization
  • Boost their professional development or class work
  • Share with another listserv or group