A Note of Thanks

It’s late November.  Turkey and dressing…raking leaves…stacking firewood.  For some, the snow has fallen and you won’t see the green grass until May.  A few of you are blessed with sunny days and warm breezes.  No matter where you are, no matter the weather, be thankful! The colors of autumn surround us and remind usREAD MORE >>

Does ASHA Measure Up?

The Seven Measures of Success, a research project undertaken by the Center for Association Leadership, looked at factors that truly set successful associations apart from others. These “seven measures of success” were grounded in the work of Jim Collins and his colleagues. Let’s look at ASHA through the lens of these seven critical elements. AnREAD MORE >>

13 Nov, 2014 0 Linda Morse News

Is There an App for That?

By Linda Morse, ASHA President It is hard to imagine those lazy Sundays of my youth when dad would pile us into the Chevy and off we would go—no real destination in mind, just a nice, long drive to somewhere.  There were fewer cars on the road and fewer roads to follow. Getting lost andREAD MORE >>

11 Sep, 2014 0 Linda Morse News