Committees, Initiatives & Awards

The American School Health Association encourages the teamwork of employees and volunteers so that we may offer the best services possible. Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills, and knowledge of our community to provide personalized attention to clients, enable the paid staff to concentrate on the work for which they were trained, and educate the public about our organization and its cause.


Advocacy and Coalitions Committee

Purpose: To build partnerships with national level coalitions and other partners to       influence public policy on issues of importance to ASHA’s mission. This committee also works to educate and empower the ASHA membership to act on school health policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels.

Leadership and Recognition Committee

Purpose: To help support ASHA’s efforts in building a community to support the whole child, and to activate champions of school health by recognizing leaders in school health, developing their skills, and to support academic pursuits of young school health professionals through scholarships.

Professional Development Committee

Purpose: To work in collaboration with ASHA staff to plan and implement year-round professional development opportunities for school health professionals including the annual ASHA conference, monthly webinars, self-studies, and any new opportunities that may emerge.

Research and Publications Committee

Purpose: To solicit, curate, disseminate, and promote research I the field of school health. These activities help the ASHA leadership better understand how to lead change efforts and provided the bases of how best to build communities to support school health.


School Violence Taskforce

Created March 15, 2018 to address school violence and bring forward meaningful solutions to this ongoing epidemic. This taskforce is charged with conceiving of, creating, and proposing strategies to advance a nationwide response to the epidemic of gun violence in schools.

Future Leaders Academy

Created in 2006 to identify and train individuals for future leadership roles in the organization. The Future Leaders Academy builds skills and familiarizes emerging professionals with the programs and activities of the Association.

ASHA Gives Back

This tradition started back in September of 2015 under then ASHA president, Linda Morse. As described by Linda:

 “ASHA members are caring and dedicated professionals. Each year, we come to a new conference city, stay a few days, and then return to our families, homes, schools, and universities. While at the conference, we learn from each other but what do we learn about the community and the children and youth who live there? This year, we are starting a new ASHA tradition: “ASHA Gives Back”. By donating to a local youth-serving charity, we can leave a small but meaningful impact on the lives of local children and youth who need our help and support to learn and thrive. We have a chance to touch the future and touch a life.”


The American School Health Association (ASHA) aspires to LEAD, EDUCATE, and ACTIVATE multidisciplinary school health professionals and other champions as they work in their communities across the country to implement our mission to transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives. At our core is a belief that the involvement of individuals with diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and professional lenses creates a stronger, healthier school community. As such, ASHA encourages the recognition of school health professionals and champions from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. We invite nominations in the spirit of inclusivity where all forms of diversity are seen as valuable.

William A. Howe Award
The William A. Howe Award, ASHA’s highest honor, recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions and distinguished service in school health. It was established to honor William A. Howe, MD, a founder and first president of the association. This award acknowledges the recipient’s outstanding professional contributions paralleling the aims and objectives of the Association.

Howe Award Criteria
Past Howe Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Service Award is granted to an active or retired member of the American School Health Association (ASHA) who has attained Fellow Status. The award is based on evidence of long-term service to the field of the school health as well as substantive and consistent service to ASHA. 

Distinguished Service Award Criteria
Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Outstanding School Health Researcher Award
The purpose of Outstanding School Health Researcher Award is to recognize an ASHA member who has demonstrated sustained and outstanding contributions to school health research.

Outstanding School Health Researcher Award
Past Outstanding School Health Researcher Award Recipients

School Health Professional of the Year Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contribution to school health education in the K-12 setting.  Classroom teachers or educators involved in a K-12 health education settings are strongly encouraged to apply. 

School Health Professional Award Criteria
Past School Health Professional of the Year Award Recipients

Legislator of the Year Award
Presented by ASHA’s Advocacy Committee, the Legislator of the Year Award recognizes a state or federal legislator who has a record of supporting issues related to school health and/or take an important stand on school health issues during a particular legislative session. 

Past Legislator Award Recipients

Dr. Robert Synovitz Emerging Professional Award
The Dr. Robert Synovitz Emerging Professional Award acknowledges new professionals as promising future leaders in the field of school health. The Emerging Professional Award shall be granted to two individuals (one individual in a school health practitioner setting and the other in an academia setting) who positively impact youth within the K-12 school setting. Award winners will be recognized at the annual ASHA conference and have the option to be admitted to ASHA’s Future Leaders Academy (FLA).

Dr. Robert Synovitz Emerging Professional Award Criteria
Past Emerging Professional Award Recipients

ASHA Fellow Award
Advancement to Fellowship Status is granted to individuals who are currently active members of ASHA and who have been an active member of the American School Health Association for at least ten years. It is based on evidence of leadership and service to the American School Health Association and to the field of school health.

ASHA Fellow Award Criteria
Past ASHA Fellow Award Recipients

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Award
The purpose of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) award is to
recognize a setting/organization or interest group, either in the school or community that has applied the philosophy associated with the WSCC model, specifically in the alignment, integration, and collaboration between education and health in order to improve each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Award candidates/nominees may include: School Health Advisory Committees, DHHS, School Health/Wellness Teams, Education Agency departments in school health.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Award Criteria
Past WSCC Award Recipients